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StarCraft II banning single player gamers, claims report

Not long ago Blizzard announced that it had banned or suspended the accounts of over 5,000 StarCraft II players. Now a new article claims that Blizzard is not just banning players that cheat or use hacks in multiplayer games but use them in single player games and in AI skirmishes as well.

The report comes from Cheathappens.com which provides a third-party "trainer" software for StarCraft II players to do things like unlock research trees, activate unlimited credits and more. However the article claims that at least one user who claims to have never played an online multiplayer game of StarCraft II was banned from playing the game due to using the trainer program in single player matches. The article has a quote from a Blizzard email in response to the ban, saying, "While single player games only appear to be you and a computer at first, your achievements and gamer score also carries weight and prestige for your online play," It should be noted that Blizzard's End User License Agreement for the game states plainly that players should "avoid using any hacks, cheats or exploits."

[Via Rock Paper Shotgun]


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