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StarCraft II faction balance changes planned

StarCraft II's developer Blizzard is always concerned about balance in the game and it looks like the maker of the hit sci-fi RTS game will be making some changes in the faction balance after checking out the 1v1 battles online so far. The game's official web site gives some battle stats from North America from players on how much they have used the Zerg, Protoss and Terran.

In short, the Zerg faction is picked by players far less than the Terran and Protoss sides. Blizzard states, "We don't want to have a huge chunk of zerg players sitting somewhere further down, unable to rise through the ranks." In actual matches between factions, the Protoss side wins a lot more competing with Terrans in some leagues. Blizzard states that it is "working on solutions" for this issue.

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