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BioShock 2 PC won't get Minerva's Den or Protector Trials DLC after all

In a surprising about face, PC owners of the first person shooter BioShock 2 won't get access to the final two downloadable content packages, Protector Trials and Minerva's Den, after all. In a post on the game's official message boards, a 2K Games spokesperson stated that "timing and technical issues" were to blame but details were not revealed.

The Protector Trials and Minerva's Den DLC packs were supposed to be single player extensions of the game developed by 2K Marin. Both were released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and both were originally announced as coming to the PC as well. We have emailed 2K Games to get more info on why these two DLC packs have now been scrapped for the PC version. In addition, it appears that there won't be any playlists added for the multiplayer DLC maps and that sounds for the game's vending machines won't be added for any versions of BioShock 2.

[Via Eurogamer]

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