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GoG.com videos show off new site before Thursday's relaunch

GoG.com's "shut down" stunt is over and while we and many others are not happy with the way the DRM-free PC gaming web site handled the marketing of this relaunch we are pleased that the site is still going to be around. Now GoG.com has released a set of four videos on YouTube that show off some of the new features and announcements.

As we reported earlier today the site will go live again at 8 am Eastern time on Thursday with a new game, BioWare's classic RPG Baldur's Gate (along with its expansion Tales of the Sword Coast) costing $9.99. More games from publishers Atari and Hasbro (the current owners of the Dungeons and Dragons game license) will be added in the coming weeks. The site itself will officially be coming out of its beta stage two years after it launched on Thursday with features like Facebook integration, recommendations to other gamers and even a way to create lists of games based on a theme such as Best RPGs or Best Graphics. You can check out the three other YouTube videos describing the new GoG.com after the jump:


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