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StarCraft II to offer official mods for download

Today's the day that fans of StarCraft II will be able to download the first truly big patch for Blizzard's hit sci-fi RTS game. But that's only the tip of the Zerg swarm in terms of Blizzard's plans for game updates. In a new and extensive chat over at Game Informer's web site, the game's lead designer Dustin Browder offers hints about future updates for the game.

Browder states, "We've got some mods we've developed internally that we're going to put out to get some more art into the hands of the mod makers but also provide what we hope are some polished gameplay experiences for our fans to get more value out of Battle.net." Browder also talks about the previously announced plans to allow players to sell their user-created content for StarCraft II via download. He says, "There's a lot of challenges to bring that in front of consumers: making sure the consumers' digital rights are protected, making sure that people can't steal each other's maps, making sure that we've got the right UI and tools to rate maps and find maps." However he adds, "It's something that we're working really hard on."


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