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StarCraft II 1.1 patch goes live via auto-updater

As promised, Blizzard has now released the 1.1 patch for StarCraft II via the game's auto-updater. While the hit sci-fi RTS game has had a few small patches released since its release last July this is the first major patch for the game with a number of new features as well as many gameplay balance changes for a number of StarCraft II's units.

Some of the new features in the 1.1 patch include adding support for Nvidia's 3D Vision technology, a quick save feature for the single player campaign, the addition of a game clock so players can see how long they have been in a match and more. There are also a number of changes and bug fixes for the game as well as the editor. In addition the patch will allow players who have the English language version of the game in Australia and New Zealand to play on North American-based servers


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