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Study: 72 percent of US adults favor banning games with violence to minors

With the US Supreme Court getting ready to hear arguments in early November on the issue of selling games with violent content to minors, a new survey commissions by an independent ratings board claims that there is broad support from the US public for such a ban.

Common Sense Media announced today that in a survey of 2,100 US adults that 72 percent of those surveyed would support a ban of selling such games to minors. The group also claims that the survey shows that over half of US adults would rate the game industry "poorly" when it comes to protecting minors from such games. This would seem to somewhat contradict the results of another survey issued by the ESRB ratings board which handles the ratings for all retail games. As described in the 2009 ESA annual report, the survey said that 87 percent of parents were aware of the ESRB ratings system and 76 percent of parent saying they check a game's rating before purchasing a game for their children.

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