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The Haunted: Hell's Reach coming in 2011

Earlier this year, the grand prize winning mod for the second Make Something Unreal contest was won by The Haunted: Hell's Reach team for their efforts in making a third-person horror-themed shooter. At the time the grand prize was awarded back in February the team announced plans to launch a stand alone commercial version of The Haunted but there's been little info since.

That is, until this week when the team released an impressive new gameplay trailer and new screenshots from the title. The multiplayer oriented game is scheduled to come out in 2001, according to the end of the trailer, and will apparently have a digital download release. While the game will have a single player mode there will also be support for four-player co-op, a "battle mode" with four human players versus four demons and more. You can check out the trailer after the jump:

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