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StarCraft II sells 300,000 US retail copies in August, says NPD

August wasn't a good month for new console software and hardware sales. The NPD Group's monthly sales charts, as reported by our sister site Joystiq, state that overall console game sales were down 10 percent compared to August of 2009. But that's not the case for the PC software sales thanks in part to a little known game called StarCraft II.

Blizzard's sci-fi RTS sequel managed to sell 300,000 retail copies in the US after selling 721,000 copies when it was first released in July, according to NPD (that figure does not include sales of downloadable copies). Those numbers made the game the second best selling title in the US, console or PC, for the month of August. The sports juggernaut Madden NFL 11 sold over 1.8 million copies between its various console versions in August. Overall NPD said that retail sales of PC games went up 35 percent from the same period a year ago.


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