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PAX Prime 2010 brings in 67,600 attendees [Update]

PAX Prime 2010 was expected to be the largest event in the history of the Penny Arcade Expo and today Big Download can exclusively reveal that the seventh annual fan-themed game event in Seattle, Washington brought in a total of 67,600 attendees last weekend. The numbers were revealed to us by Penny Arcade's business head Robert Khoo.

The number is well over last year's attendance figure of 60,750 thanks in part to Penny Arcade's decision to expand the show's exhibit hall area at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center and move the main theater presentations off site to a nearby location. Even with the higher numbers tickets for PAX Prime 2010 sold out several days before it was held.

The show remains the single biggest US-based consumer show devoted to PC and console games. Of course the next PAX show is PAX East 2011 to be held in Boston, Massachusetts but exact dates for that event have yet to be revealed.

Check after the jump to read some more comments on PAX Prime 2010 from Khoo:

As we mentioned, PAX Prime 2010 moved the main theater presentations away from the convention center to the nearby Benaroya Hall in order to open up more space for the exhibit hall. Khoo told us, "It was definitely a logistical challenge, as that venue wasn't built for events like ours. No matter how hard you look at floor plans or how many dry-runs you do, there's nothing that will replicate the actual day-of experience. There were a few hiccups here and there, but by Saturday we felt that the methods we used were key for 2011. From the attendee side, there were pre-show grumblings that the fixed seats would hurt the concert experience, but based on post-show feedback the acoustics and ambiance to the Benaroya outweighed those cons by a longshot."

And is PAX Prime 2010 about to run out of space? Khoo told us, "We're always looking to see what can work, but I personally feel we're closing in on our limit to the show in regard to physical space. There are a few more venues we're looking at, but at the end of the day we just want to improve the PAX experience in any way we can. If it helps, we'll consider it. If it hurts, we won't."


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