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OnLive's free first year offer to end in 2010; 50 percent game sale this weekend

Since launching last June the OnLive streaming PC/Mac gaming service continues to be the only way for many gamers with low hardware specs to play high-end PC games. Today the company revealed three new announcements for its service. First, the Founding Members program, which was scheduled to end on Labor Day, has now been extended to December 31. This means you still have a chance to use the OnLive service for free for one year with an optional second year at $4.95 a month.

Second, current OnLive users will get to purchase all of the games currently on the service (all 28 of them) at 50 percent off their normal prices this Labor Day weekend. That includes recently released games like Kane and Lynch 2 and Mafia 2. Finally, later in September OnLive will begin to support PCs and Macs with WiFi connections via a beta program. WiFi will be demoed for folks who attend PAX Prime this weekend.


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