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Company of Heroes Online starts open beta; original games on sale on Steam

As promised, the open beta test for Company of Heroes Online has now launched, giving anyone a chance to try out the free-to-play WWII-themed online RTS game from developer Relic and publisher THQ before it officially launches later this fall. You can register for an account at the game's official web site and download the game's install client right here at Big Download. People who register for the open beta by September will get some in-game extras such as a free hero unit and army item, 500 extra XP and 3,000 free supply points.

The game's producer Greg Wilson has posted up a message on the Company of Heroes Online message boards that goes into more detail on what Relic has done to develop and change the game since it was first launched in China two years ago. In related news, the original Company of Heroes RTS games are now the subject of Steam's weekend sales deal. All three titles (Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor) have had their prices cut 75 percent from now until Monday.

Download the Company Of Heroes Online install client at Big Download


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