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Team Fortress 2-Penny Arcade-Sam and Max-Strong Bad crossover teased

We've seen some minor game crossovers in the past but apparently something is coming from Telltale Games that, well, could be (and we emphasize COULD) one of the biggest game crossover events ever. GameTrailers has posted up a teaser trailer that, as you can see from the screenshot, seems to show the silhouettes of Tycho from Penny Arcade, Max of Sam and Max, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner and the Heavy player character from Team Fortress 2.

So what in the wild, wild world of sports is this teasing us for? Is it for an upcoming game? Is it for a comic strip? Is it for an animation project? We have no idea but from the teaser video it looks like more info is coming on Thursday, September 2. Color us confused, intrigued and excited. You can check out the embedded trailer after the jump:


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