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Valve wants to make the official Half-Life movie over Hollywood's heads

It's a known fact that good movie adaptations of PC and video games are almost non-existent. And that's why Valve has decided to turn down tons of requests from Hollywood movie studios over the years to make an official Half-Life movie. But here's the kicker; Valve may decide to make a movie adaptation of their first person shooter franchise themselves.

PC Gamer's web site has posted up a portion of its upcoming chat with Valve's head man Gabe Newell that will be featured in the UK edition of the print magazine. Newell states that when the original Half-Life was released, the developer took meetings with Hollywood writers and directors on Half-Life movie proposals. Newell states, "And their stories were just so bad. I mean, brutally, the worst. Not understanding what made the game a good game, or what made the property an interesting thing for people to be a fan of."

So Valve has decided that it should make any Half-Life movie and Newell says the various Team Fortress 2 "Meet The Team" character class movies they have created, "is us trying to explore that." It should be interesting to see if Valve actually goes ahead with these kinds of plans.


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