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Demigod sequel talk coming from Gas Powered Games

2009's release of Demigod from developer Gas Powered Games and publisher Stardock got mostly good reviews but the release of the multiplayer action-RTS game was hampered by multiplayer networking problems that took weeks to fix. However it looks like there there might be a good chance we could see a sequel to the game.

Gas Powered's head man Chris Taylor, in a video interview for French gaming web site Gamers.fr conducted last week at Gamescom, admitted that sales for Demigod were not as good as the developer had hoped they would be even with the good game reviews. However he added, " we've got a lot of interest in a sequel to Demigod." He also said that the developer had spent a lot of money making the game and "we can make some of the money back that we invested in the core game and the core IP" if they do a good job on a sequel. Currently Gas Powered's only officially announced game is the fantasy RTS title Kings and Castles.

[Via VG247.com]

Download the Demigod Demo at Big Download (599 MB)

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