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NCsoft faces lawsuit from player claiming "addiction" to Lineage 2

If you follow the MMO game scene at all you have likely heard stories of players who spend more time grinding levels and going on raids than they do in the real world. Now one player has decided to take his so-called "addition" for one MMO games personally and has sued publisher NCsoft.

Wired reports that Craig Smallwood of Hawaii claims that NCsoft failed to warn him that playing its fantasy MMO game Lineage II would be addicting. He says he played the game between 2004 and 2009 and during that time he claims he could not function in his real life including doing simple things like "getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends." So far a judge made the decision to not dismiss Smallwood's case entirely which means a trial could be in the works. NCsoft has urged the judge to dismiss the case.

[Via Massively]

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