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Rumor: Far Cry 3 in full development?

2008's release of developer/publisher Ubisoft's open world first person shooter Far Cry 2 was met with praise from critics and solid sales. Even before the game was released there was talk of making Far Cry 3. Now a new rumor from the pages of PC Gamer's latest print magazine suggests that Far Cry 3 is in full production mode.

The magazine, in its rumor-filled Spy column, states that the game is "in full swing now" at Ubisoft's Montreal studios. According to the article the game's development is being lead by Josh Mosqueira, who previously worked over at Relic Entertainment as the lead designer for Company of Heroes. There's no word on what the game might be about although previous suggestions about Far Cry 3 stated the game would stick to Far Cry 2's African setting.

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