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Recent Steam sale of Defcon keeps Introversion Software working

UK-based Introversion Software is looked upon by many as a leader in the indie games scene but like many small game development companies keeping the lights on is a constant struggle. In a new interview at Gamesindustry.biz (free registration required) the company's co-founder Mark Morris states that due to low sales of its Xbox Live Arcade release Darwinia+ earlier this year the company laid off all of its staff, shut down its offices, "and kind of crawled back into the core Introversion team of just myself, Chris, Tom and Johnny... the original four directors, back in our bedrooms again."

However Introversion recently got a big cash infusion thanks to a sale earlier this summer of its world strategy game Defcon on Steam. Morris states, "The sale did in the ball park of $250,000 - so when you're back to being a team of four people, that's a lot of revenue." Morris said the cash flow from the Steam Defcon sale "extends out for two years at our size, which is nice." In fact Morris states that in his opinion, "if you're not on Steam, then you're not an indie game developer of any note. You absolutely have to be on that platform at the moment." Introversion is currently working on its next PC game, the (kind of) spy-themed Subversion.

Download the Defcon demo at Big Download (50 MB)

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