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Minecraft survival goes to multiplayer

This news is a little late, but we hope you can forgive us. Why is it late, you ask? Well, because we've been addicted to Minecraft's new survival multiplayer. It's been a long-time coming, but Notch's popular survival simulation has finally become multiplayer. Granted, it's only available to people who have pre-ordered the game.

For those that don't know about Minecraft's survival mode, it plays something like a first-person Dwarf Fortress. You gather wood, turn it into planks, smelt iron, make tools, and do all sorts of activities to guarantee your continued survival against hoards of zombies, skeletons, and creepers. Multiplayer is mildly buggy and missing some elements (such as enemies), but if you are looking for something a little deeper than just fooling around in creative mode or playing all by your lonesome, you'll definitely get addicted.


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