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QuakeCon 2010 prepares for launch on Thursday

We are less than one day away from the single biggest free LAN gaming event/consumer game show in the US. QuakeCon 2010 will officially on Thursday morning at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas but for the past several days the all-volunteer team have been getting ready for the thousands of people who will be bringing their desktops, notebooks and wild PC case mods into the BYOC area of the show.

The above video gives you an idea of just how massive the BYOC area is for QuakeCon and how much effort the team makes in getting all of the network cables, servers and more ready for Thursday. This year QuakeCon 2010 attendees will supposedly have a faster time of registering for the show thanks to a new set-up. We will see if it actually works as planned tomorrow.


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