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Valve gives update on Steam's Mac game service

It's a few months since Valve began adding Mac games to its Steam PC game download service. Many in the industry had considered the Mac platform to be a dead end for making native games. However in a chat with Valve's Jason Holtman and Doug Lombardi at Gamesindustry.biz (free registration required) it sounds like Mac gaming is alive and well, thank you.

While Valve, as usual, isn't giving out specifics on Mac game sales via Steam, Holtman feels that there is an overall surge of interest for gaming on the Mac in the past few months since Steam's Mac support launched. He states, "The reaction that we've got from the development community is that this could be a big ingredient towards that renaissance. People have both a business motivation as well as a personal motivation to see games on the Mac. They want to play them themselves." He added that this reaction has come from both indie game developers as well as " the big guys."

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