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Quake Live officially out of beta; offers up two subscriptions plans [Update]

Developer id Software launched Quake Live over a year ago but but now the free-to-play version of id's 1999 shooter Quake III Arena has finally exited the beta phase. While the game will remain free to play, id is now offering two subscriptions that add new content and features for its players.

The free Standard portion of the game will still include access to over 40 maps and five gameplay modes along with matchmaking, stats tracking, friends list and access to one clan team. The Premium subscription costs $1.99 a month (billed annually) and adds an additional 20 maps (with the promise of additional maps in the future) that are a combination of brand new levels and community-made maps from previous Quake games. It also adds the new Freeze Tag gameplay mode, premium level awards, stats that are stored for up to six months and the ability to join up to five clans or create your own.

The Pro subscription costs $3.99 a month (again billed annually) and has all of the features of the Premium mode plus the ability to start and run your own game server. You can pick the server location, set the gameplay mode and what friends you want to join in the server. You can also have up to three friends who play in the free Standard edition to play with you in any of the Premium maps. You can also join up to 10 clans in the Pro subscription, have access to pro awards and have stats stored for up to 12 months.

At the moment the QuakeLive web site is down for "maintenance" (presumably to relaunch with the new subscription services). The game has also got a new "T" rating from the ESRB.

Update: It took longer than expected but Quake Live is now back online with the new subcription plans and the new additions.


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