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QuakeCon 2010 news; BYOC wireless rules, stuff on sale and more

As QuakeCon 2010 gets closer to its start in Dallas on August 12, more info about the free LAN event-game show hosted by id Software has come forth. As we reported on Tuesday the 500 "Quake Done Quick" premium tickets quickly sold out but two of the items that will be going to those ticket holders will be sold separately to all QuakeCon attendees. The lithograph showing artwork from id's forthcoming first person shooter Rage will be on sale at the show for $15. Also the limited edition QuakeCon 2010 t-shirt will go on sale for $20 at the event.

In related news the official QuakeCon web site has posted up some dos and don'ts for people who want to use wireless technology in the show's BYOC area. Also a couple of QuakeCon community tournaments have been revealed, and if you can't make it to Dallas next week you can catch streaming video footage of the show and the tournaments via Quake Live TV.

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