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Blizzard deleting select StarCraft II user-made maps for "inappropriate content"

It looks like Blizzard will be monitoring user-made maps that are uploaded via Battle.net for the sci-fi RTS sequel StarCraft II and making the decision to delete some of them if they feel they have "inappropriate content." In a message board post on the official StarCraft II forums where a player complained about his user-made map being deleted, the Blizzard community manager "Lylirra" states," While players are encouraged to share the maps they create through Battle.net, published maps are subject to review to ensure that they promote a fun and safe environment for all players." She added, "If a map is found to contain inappropriate content, it will be removed from Battle.net and the map maker will be contacted via email."

When asked by a player in the same thread why Blizzard was reviewing user-made maps for StarCraft II when they didn't do so for the original game, community manager "Bashiok" stated, "Because we can. Literally. We have a support department now of size and ability to enforce these types of things. It simply wasn't possible when our in-game support used to consist of approximately 20 technical support agents." In yet another post he stated, "We're working on improving our processes to ensure the map maker has more information on why their map was removed, right now it is a bit vague and has obviously led to this misunderstanding."

Blizzard's policies on inappropriate content in StarCraft II can be found on this support web page. In summary, it states, "Any content found to be offensive in nature has no place on Battle.net. Such content can be changed or removed, and the publisher warned or suspended."

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