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StarCraft II sells over 1.5 million copies in first 48 hours

As expected, sales of StarCraft II were very strong out of the gate. Developer Blizzard has announced that the long awaited sci-fi RTS sequel sold over 1.5 million copies in the first 48 hours of its availability. The game officially went on sale one week ago today but Blizzard said the numbers make it the best selling PC game of 2010 so far as well as the "fastest selling strategy game of all time."

It's not yet clear if the numbers announced by Blizzard are just for boxed retail copies of StarCraft II or if they include copies of the game sold via digital download. The game was only sold as a digital product in several Asia countries and was an option in the rest of the world. We will email Blizzard's PR rep for more info on the sales numbers.


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