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Heroes of Newerth to be free to play for next week

The team at S2 Games launched the commercial version of their fantasy online action-RTS game Heroes of Newerth a few months ago. Today the development team announced that folks can download and play the full version of the game, which normally costs $30, for free for the next week.

The free play period has already begun and will last until Monday, August 9 at 1 pm Eastern time. Since the launch of the commerical version of the game, the team has added new contest patches to Heroes of Newerth including new heroes like the just added Doctor Repulsor. S2 Games is also hiring for new staff positions, saying, "Our plans for the future of HoN and the company will require us to add more talent to the ranks."

Download the Heroes of Newerth Windows Client
Download the Heroes of Newerth Mac Client
Download the Heroes of Newerth Linux Client


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