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StarCraft II goes live for US gamers [Update]

After over 12 years of waiting, US gamers are finally buying StarCraft II and installing Blizzard's sci-fi RTS game on their PC hard drives. Blizzard activated the Battle.net servers just after midnight for the east coast. This allowed US gamers to play the full version of StarCraft II online like their Asian, Australian and European brethren had been doing for several hours (Latin American gamers should also be playing the game now.

I went to my local Taylors SC GameStop retail store last night to see if anyone showed up for the midnight launch of StarCraft II. In the end over 20 people came to the store at midnight to purchase either the standard or collector's edition of the title. Many spend extra for the regular or collector's edition strategy guide. All in all it seemed like a lot of people for the launch of a PC exclusive game. Remember if you chose to purchase the digitial download version of the game you won't be able to complete the download and purchase the game before 1 pm Eastern time today.

Now for the fun part - playing StarCraft II.

Update: You can check out reports and pictures from Blizzard's official StarCraft II launch event at Fountain Valley CA at the game's official web site.

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