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Mass Effect 2 weapons pack DLC coming

When BioWare announced plans to release a new DLC expansion for its sci-fi RPG Mass Effect 2 earlier this week, it also released some screenshots to the expansion, titled Lair of the Power Broker. One of them is the one you see above and some observant Mass Effect 2 fans made mention on the game's official message board that the weapons seen in the shot haven't appeared in the game yet.

Yes, that does mean that BioWare plans to release a new weapons pack for the game before Lair of the Power Broker is made available. BioWare's Jarrett Lee made a post on the message board saying more info on the weapons pack DLC will be announced "very soon." Oh and there's some interesting stuff coming up for Lair of the Power Broker as well. Lee states, " ... the very coolest part of the DLC (imho) will be something we absolutely won't reveal in the marketing or PR, to avoid spoiling it. I think most of you will find it to be our most satisfying DLC release yet for ME2." Works for us.


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