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Impulse and GamersGate heads dispute NPD's PC game download study

Earlier this week the NPD Group released a study claiming that digital download sales of PC game units had almost caught up with the number of PC games sold in brick and mortar retail stores. The study also listed what the study said were the top five PC game download sites. Two of the most well known, Impulse and GamersGate, were not listed in the top 5.

Big Download contacted both PC game services for their comment on the study. The head of Impulse, Brad Wardell, has previously said that while Valve's Steam service was indeed the number one place for PC game downloads, Impulse was in the number two position with 10 percent.

Asked about his reaction to the NPD study Wardell sent this message to Big Download: "NPD's numbers on digital don't tend to have much reflection on reality. As much as I would love digital distribution to take over the world, I can't think of a single publisher (including ourselves) that sells even close to a majority of its units digitally. I am a big believer in the future of digital distribution but the numbers we typically hear from publishers is that it's about a third (which is pretty darn good btw)."

GamersGate is one of the oldest PC game download services and has a massive PC game library. Big Download got this reaction to the NPD study from the company's CEO Theodore Bergquist: "We did read the report and were actually quite surprised. We do not disclose our sales numbers and we were also not contacted during the research period of this study. That being said, from our numbers and most importantly our conversations with the leading publishers in the industry, I know we are easily one of the top retailers."

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