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StarCraft II not coming to Japan; coming to China but not on launch day

The days are now in the single digits between gamers and the release of StarCraft II. While Blizzard's long awaited sci-fi RTS game will have a "worldwide" release next Tuesday, July 27, in both retail stores and later that day via download it looks like one country that won't get the game on launch day is Japan.

Kotaku reports that while several Asian nations are getting the game on July 27 (including, obviously, South Korea) Blizzard has told them there are there no current plans to release StarCraft II in Japan. That isn't a huge shock as Japan is not a huge PC game market.

However the title isn't coming out in China on July 27 either which is a huge PC game market. Big Download contacted Blizzard's PR rep for comment. The official response? "We do plan to release StarCraft II in China but don't have further details to share with you about that right now, other than it's not happening on July 27."


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