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Direct2Drive's head responds to selling Modern Warfare 2 with Steam

Yesterday we reported that IGN's Direct2Drive web site had started selling the PC port of Modern Warfare 2 on its site, reversing an earlier decision not to provide Infinity Ward's best selling shooter game on Direct2Drive because of its use of Valve's Steam client as a requirement to play and update the game. We contacted IGN to find out why it decided to change its mind. Today we got back a response from Julie Uhrman, the general manager of IGN's Digital Distribution division.

In short, Uhrman said it was due to Direct2Drive's users that caused them to reverse its decision, saying, "We asked our customer base and they told us they weren't concerned whether a game came with a third-party client or not. And we listen to our customers." That would seem to leave things open for other Steam exclusive games showing up on Direct2Drive as well. When asked if that was going to happen Uhrman responded with, "Future titles will be decided on a publisher by publisher basis."

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