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Tim Schafer hints about Psychonauts sequel

You may have seen some headlines this morning that Double Fine's founder and game design legend Tim Schafer called Activision CEO Bobby Kotick a "total prick" and a "dick". Which is nice and sensationalist and all but let's get to the important stuff. In that same interview posted on Eurogamer Schafer hints pretty strongly that there could be a sequel to Double Fine's first game Psychonauts.

The critically acclaimed platform action game released in 2005 by Majesco wasn't a sales hit but has generated a cult following and won tons of awards. It's PC version is still available for digital download at locations like GoG.com and Steam.

In the interview Schafer states that Double Fine has some game projects coming up that will be announced soon. When the subject of a Psychonauts sequel came up he states, "I would love to do another one." He added that the game was the first game title that he worked on that he actually owned. Therefore he said, " ... it's the first thing I could do a sequel to." When ask by the interviewer, "Why don't you do it then?" Schafer replied, "I didn't say I wasn't doing it." However he added, "The main thing that's stopped me is that we can only do one thing at a time. If we can get it to the point where we're making multiple games, then we can work on the sequel while we're exploring new IPs at the same time."

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