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Exclusive: Zombie confirms Blacklight: Tango Down 2 in the works

Although the PC version of Blacklight Tango Down has just released, you can expect much more from the franchise. The $15 multiplayer shooter is apparently a solid sales hit on Xbox 360, and developer Zombie is already getting ready to expand the series. In a brief phone chat, Zombie CEO Mark Long told us that there are no plans to offer any downloadable content for Blacklight, aside from bug fix updates.

Instead, Long confirmed to Big Download that Zombie has already started production on Blacklight Tango Down 2. While details are slim at this point, Long said the sequel will feature improvements from the original game, including larger maps and controllable mech-like vehicles. At the moment Zombie is hoping to release Blacklight Tango Down 2 in the summer of 2011.


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