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Blacklight Tango Down now available for PC via Games For Windows Live

While there's no indication of this on the official Games For Windows web site, the PC version of Blacklight Tango Down is now available to purchase and download via Microsoft Games For Windows Live client. At the moment this is the only outlet to get the PC port of the multiplayer themed near-future first person shooter although we have been told by the game's developer Zombie that it will also appear on Steam and Direct2Drive as well. The game costs $14.99 to download.

Just a reminder: This game is developed by Zombie and published by Ignition Entertainment with support for customizable weapons, 12 multiplayer maps for support up to 16 players and four co-op themed maps that can also be played alone with AI support. Zombie hopes this game is the first salvo in a Blacklight multimedia franchise. A one-shot comic book is already available and there are plans for a motion picture based on the franchise.

[Thanks TheWeaponeer]

Update: The game is now available on Steam and Direct2Drive.


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