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Battlefield Bad Company 2's Onslaught co-op mode confirmed for PC

PC players of Battlefield Bad Company 2 were understandably miffed when the console players of the recent military shooter got a chance to access a new co-op gameplay mode, Onslaught, a few weeks ago. At the time, the development team at Digital Illusions said there would be issues if too many 32 player dedicated servers switched over to the four player Onslaught mode.

Well it seems whatever issues DICE had have been resolved. PC Gamer is reporting that the Onslaught mode will indeed be made available for the PC version. Four of the game's maps (Valparaiso, Atacama Desert, Isla Inocentes, and Nelson Bay) will be redesigned to work with the new co-op mode. There's no word on when the Onslaught mode will be released or if PC gamers will have to pay to download it like the console versions.

Now DICE, about Battlefield 1943 for the PC . . . .when is that game coming out?

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