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Day of Defeat Source Mac version available on Steam

Valve continues to add to the number of its games that can be playable on a Mac. We have seen Mac versions of Portal, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source. Now comes word that one of Valve lesser known games, Day of Defeat Source, is also now available to play natively on Apple's machines.

Like most of the rest of the Mac games on Steam, players who already own the PC version of Day of Defeat Source can download the Mac version for free and both Mac and PC owners can play each other online. The WWII themed shooter began as a Half-Life 1 mod in 2000. The mod was later purchased by Valve and turned into a stand alone retail product in 2003. The Source Engine version was released in 2005. While the game has had a number of bug updates, this is the first major update for Day of Defeat Source since 2008 when new achievements and a new map were added to the game.


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