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Rumor: New Microsoft published PC strategy game revealed?

It looks like Microsoft might be serious when it said it planned to make a bigger effort to publish PC games. Kotaku is reporting that the company is working with Texas-based developer Robot Entertainment, on an upoming PC exclusive strategy game. Little is known of the game at this point other than its code names "Project S" or "Spartan". Kotaku displayed what it says is a load screen for the game which seems to suggest a title set during the ancient Greek empire.

Robot Entertainment was formed in 2009 by former members of Ensemble Studios which created the acclaimed and best selling Age of Empires RTS series. Even with the sales success of the franchise, Microsoft chose to shut down the developer in early 2009 after Ensemble completed the Xbox 360 exclusive RTS game Halo Wars. Robot Entertainment has just relaunched its official web site and under the "Games" section it confirms that one of its two unannounced future titles will be published by Microsoft Game Studios.

We have emailed Microsoft to see if it plans to comment on what looks like its first PC exclusive game it will publish since the release of the expansion pack Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties in October 2007.

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