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How big are these Rage screenshots? THIS BIG

Rage seems to have struck a chord with the press folks that got to see id Software's upcoming shooter at E3 last month. Part of the reason was the great looking graphics that are based on id Tech 5, the latest graphics engine created by id's master programmer John Carmack.

The game's publisher Bethesda Softworks released three new screenshots from Rage recently including the screenshot you see above. That shot, plus the two others that show landscapes from the game, were also used as wall murals for Bethesda's E3 2010 exhibit space. Not only has the publisher released JPG versions of all three screenshots in a variety of resolutions but it has also provided the TIFF images for all three shots as well. What does this mean? How does downloading a 25,600 by 16,000 resolution screenshot that's well over 300 mb in size sound? Yep, they are THAT BIG.

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