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Team Fortress 2 blog page hints about . . . something

Valve is known for its not-too-sutble hints about upcoming games or updates. And that's certainly the cast with the latest update on the Team Fortress 2 blog site. Valve's Robin Walker states, "Do you hear that? That ominous, otherworldly silence? That's what we in the game biz call the calm before a storm." He adds, "All of these portents can only mean one thing: Something big is happening."

Walker tries to throw you off by saying it could be the "storm" could be the release of the winning in-game weapons in the Polycount contest. He also hints it could be the launch of the official TF2 Wiki web site. But even he says at the end, "Or maybe, just maybe, it's something else entirely." Could whatever it is be connected to the promised Engineer player class update that was even given its own online video a couple of months ago? We would bet the house, the camper and the condo on the beach on that one.

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