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E3 2010: Gaikai to stream EA PC games; launch now set for 2011

The OnLive streaming PC game service went live late on Thursday but one of its big rivals, Gaikai, just announced a deal during E3 2010 that will allow it to steam PC games from publisher Electronic Arts. VentureBeat reports that Gaikai will be able to offer a number of EA games from its service. Although specific titles are not mentioned Gaikai states it will be able to offer games from several of EA's franchises including the Battlefield, Sims, and Mass Effect series.

So when will Gaikai actually launch? Develop quotes Gaikai co-founder Andrew Gault as saying, "We'd like to do it tomorrow but it's all about picking you battles. I think we'd like to start it in a year or so, all the company's founders would like to target that.."

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