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Big Download's E3 2010 PC Game Highlights - Episode 3

Today's action packed highlights includes first looks at TRON: Evolution, a game that that not only tells an original story based in the TRON world, but also combines free running action with Capoeira inspired fighting for some truly spectacular moves. We also learn to survive on a post apocalyptic earth with both Rage and Brink, join the rebellion to fight for the homeland in Homefront, and then leave the planet altogether for the mines of Mars in Red Faction: Armageddon. Finally, we have our sense of morality tested in Spec Ops: The Line while conquering the world in Civilization V. All that an more, plus booth babes. Hold on tight, there's a lot of info to take in.

For press conference highlights, check out Episode 1 and for more E3 2010 action, check out Episode 2 and Episode 4.

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