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E3 2010 Interview: We get an update on Postal 3 from Running With Scissors

Developer Running with Scissors isn't a favorite among game critics but their Postal games sure do manage to generate talk and controversy. The games also have a very dark but funny sense of humor. It's been several years since the release of Postal 2 and Running With Scissors has been working with Russian developer Akella for a while for the third-person shooter Postal 3.

So what's been happening with the game? Big Download got a quickie update from Running With Scissors' Mike Jaret about their current status for Postal 3, why they decided to use the Source engine for the game and more.
First it seems like Postal 3 is taking a bit longer to develop than first announced. Are there any reasons for the delays?

Oh John, yes Postal 3 is taking a long time isn't it. This time around we have outside teams working on a lot of the game and the economic crisis really affected Postal 3's development. It was awful, but it happened. Keep an eye out though!

For folks who may not be familiar with the game's storyline what can you tell us about Postal 3?

Well the POSTAL Dude nuked his last town of Paradise and has run out of gas in a new town called Catharsis. Gas is extremely expensive and he has to get all kinds of odd jobs to pay for his ensuing road trip....

You decided to work with Akella for the game's main development. Why was this decision made?

Akella was our Russian publisher for Postal 2 and all of its addons. They did a great job of selling our titles and have been one of the main developers in Russia for a while. It only seemed like a natural fit!

You also decided to use the Source Engine for Postal 3. Why move away from the Unreal engine?

We wanted something different, Valve wanted to work with us and we went with it!

Is the basic gameplay in Postal 3 the same as in Postal 2 in that you don't have to shoot anyone in the game if you don't want to?

Postal III gives you a real choice and a game changing element to how you decide to play the game. You can play the game non violently as well as violently!

Postal 2 is known for its wild weapons. What sort of weird weapons can we expect to see in Postal 3?

Well I am sure you have seen the badger saw, and possibly the monkey! There is also a shop vac...as well as many other weapons we haven't shown u yet!

Will there be any multiplayer options in Postal 3?

Yes, multiplayer will be similar to the Postal 2 multiplayer element and will have some extremely fun game types that we have yet to announce!

Any celeb cameos that we can expect to see in the game this time?

Well we have Randy Jones (The cowboy from the village people), Jennifer Walcott (The Playboy Playmate) and a few others that haven't been announced yet. Unfortunately with Gary Coleman's passing we will not have him in POSTAL III.

At the moment what is the current target date for Postal 3's release?

We are looking to release at the end of 2010 if not beginning of 2011!

Finally is there anything else you wish to say about Postal 3?

I wish it was done....badly!

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