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Where is the PC press conference at E3 2010?

On Monday, Microsoft will have its big E3 2010 press conference for the Xbox 360 console. On Tuesday, Sony and Nintendo will also have their own press conferences for their consoles. Publishers like EA, Ubisoft and Activision are holding their own press conferences at E3 this week. So where is the big press event at E3 that's just for PC games?

Alienware Arena posed that question to Randy Stude, the current president of the non-profit group the PC Gaming Alliance. Stude states that while that organization has considered holding such a press conference at E3, it has ultimate decided against it. Why? Stude states that E3 is a trade show for retailers and that while console games and hardware are mostly sold in brick and mortar stores, the number of PC titles sold in stores is shrinking rapidly. Stude says it might be time to have an E3-style event just for PC games.

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