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Countdown to E3 2010: The RPG-MMO Games We Want To See

With the start of E3 2010 just a few days away now, the list of games that will officially be shown at the show next week continues to grow. We have already gone over the first person shooter and action games we most want want to see at the show. Today we go over the many RPG and RPG related MMOs we are most anxious to see.

While there are a few notable exceptions on this list (NCsoft won't be attending the show and Blizzard won't be showing the next World of Warcraft expansion pack at E3) there are still quite a few upcoming RPG and MMO titles that will be on display at the event. Check out the list of games we want to see after the jump:

The Witcher 2 - Developer CD Projekt's sequel to its sleeper hit fantasy action-RPG will get its first public viewing at E3 2010. Expect lots of blood and a little nudity.
Fable III - Developer Lionhead's Xbox 360 fantasy RPG series returns to the PC after skipping the second game for its third installment and it should be an E3 highlight . It's also Microsoft's first PC retail game in three years.
Dungeon Siege III - The action-RPG series returns for its third installment and E3 2010 is where it makes its public debut. Will a new developer (Obsidian Entertainment) and a new publisher (Square Enix)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - At long last we are to see the third game in the cyber-punk action-RPG series at E3 from developer Eidos Montreal. But will this game compare well to the Warren Spector-created original title?

Fallout New Vegas - Developer Obsidian Entertainment has folks who worked on the original Interplay Fallout games. At E3 we get to see how they make a Fallout game based on Bethesda Softworks' version.
Hunted: The Demon's Forge - This co-op themed fantasy action-RPG from developer inXile Entertainment and publisher Bethesda Softworks could surprise some people at E3.
Arcania Gothic IV - Publisher JoWood's open world fantasy RPG series gets a new installment thanks to developer Spellbound. We will get to see it again at E3 this year.
Next Dragon Age game (?): Electronic Arts could show the next game in developer BioWare's fantasy RPG series at E3 2010 for the first time.

RPG-themed MMOs
Tera - New company En Masse Entertainment, made up of many industry vets, will show us this new fantasy MMO for the first time at E3 2010.
DC Universe Online - Developer Sony Online is about to finally bring the DC Universe to our hard drives after several years of development. We will get to see the game just a few months before its planned November release.
The Agency - It's been a long time since this action-themed MMO was announced by Sony Online. Will its appearance at E3 signal that the game is close to completion?

Gallery: The Agency

Final Fantasy XIV - Square Enix's announcement of this fantasy MMO was one of E3 2009's big surprises. But what will the action game look like?
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Last year's E3 gave us our first look at this BioWare-developed MMO. But what do they plan to show us this year?

Warhammer 40,000 MMO - Publisher THQ's long-in-development MMO based on the Games Workshop franchise finally makes its public debut at E3 2010 thanks to developer Vigil Games.
Rift: Planes of Telera - Trion Worlds gives us another chance to check out this MMO that was first show at E3 2009.
Jumpgate Evolution - Will this space based MMO revival from developer NetDevil ever launch? We should get an update on its progress at E3.

Tomorrow our Countdown to E3 201 series concludes with a look at the strategy, racing and other games we want to see at the show.

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