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Avalanche CEO: "Ridiculous" DRM set-ups for PC games hurt consumers

Debates over how, or even if, DRM set-ups should be put in PC games have been raging for a long time now. This week the CEO of the developer Just Cause 2 has put in his two cents, saying that "ridiculous DRM solutions" actually harm PC gamers more than the pirates that the DRM is trying to thwart.

Chatting with Computer and Video Games,
Avalanche Studios boss Cristofer Sundberg is quoted as saying, " ... piracy has scared the market to start implementing ridiculous DRM solutions that only limits the consumers that actually PAY for their games, not stopping the pirates." He also feels that PC games that also show up on other platforms should be designed specifically for the platform and not just be a simple port, saying, "If we constantly keep on delivering console ports and not games design (sic) for the PC player, the PC market will suffer from bad sales, piracy and bad DRM solutions." Indeed the PC port of Just Cause 2 is a DirectX 10 exclusive with a number of graphical features that are only on the PC version.

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