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Atari reveals latest financial results

One of the last game publishers to offer up their financial results for the past quarter is Atari. This week the company announced that it had generated 115.7 million euros in revenues for the quarter that ended on March 31. The results were down from 136.4 million euros from the same period a year ago. Atari had a net loss of 19.4 million euros for the quarter, compared to a massive loss of 221.9 million euros for the same period a year ago.

Atari got its revenue from, among other games, the launch of the MMO Star Trek Online in February as well as online subscriptions from that game and Cryptic's other MMO Champions Online. Atari still plans to release Test Drive Unlimited 2 this fall along with The Witcher 2 in spring 2011. Atari also plans to release a number of downloadable games based on their classic game properties in the second half of 2010.


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