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This Week In PC Games: May 24-30

The last full week of May has yet another action driving game heading to stores. There's also a downloadble chess-like game due for digital download. In addition look for EVE Online to get its latest free expansion, Tyrannis, this week and both Bioshock 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction will also be getting paid multiplayer downloadable updates.

Blur - Developer Bizarre Creations releases their first game for Activision since the publisher bought the developer way back in 2007. The arcade racing game has real world cars drive driving on tracks that contain power ups designed for the player to use to take out other cars a la Mario Kart.

Gallery: Blur

Legio: Delayed from its release last week, Paradox Interactive will publish via digital download this fantasy themed game which is a mix of chess and turn-based war game for one or two players.


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