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BioShock 2 Metro Pack DLC coming Tuesday for PC owners

PC owners of BioShock 2 have been waiting patiently for their version of the downloadable Metro Pack that was released for the console ports a couple of weeks ago. Now the recent first person shooter's official community site has now posted word that the pack will finally be available for download via Games for Windows Live Marketplace on Tuesday for 800 Microsoft points (about $10).

Just a reminder: The Metro Pack will add six new multiplayer maps to the game along with three new achievements and the "Rebirth" feature for players at level 50. In addition there will be two new multiplayer characters that will be made available for 160 Microsoft points (about $2). Finally, all BioShock 2 players will gain access to the new and free Kill'Em'Kindly multiplayer mode where players pummel one another with golf clubs. Good times

[Via Blue's News]


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