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StarCraft II to be released in South Korea in edited form

Blizzard can now rest a little easier. The massive market for its upcoming sci-fi RTS sequel StarCraft II in South Korean has been saved thanks to some selective editing. A few weeks ago the country's game ratings board slapped the title with an adult only rating which threatened to keep sales of the game restricted.

However according to a report from Korean-based Formos (and translated by Team Liquid) the game has been edited for that country to turn the blood from Zerg and Terran units from red to black. The total amount of blood has also been reduced and all profanities and scenes of smoking have been removed. That allowed the game to get a 12 rating from South Korean's ratings board. The story adds that Blizzard is considering releasing the adults-only build of the game in South Korea as well but that is not definite yet. The game is still set for a worldwide released on July 27.

[Via 1Up.com]

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