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New Lara Croft game confirmed as using Steam for DRM

This summer's planned release of Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light will represent the first game in the long running Tomb Raider action-adventure game series that will not only dump the "Tomb Raider" name from the game's title but be released exclusively as a digital download. Now Computer and Video Games has confirmed that the PC version will use Steam as its DRM platform, at least in the US.

Global brand manager Karl Stewart stated that while publisher Square Enix is possibly looking at "different distribution channels" for the $15 game, he adds, "I think for now, because it's online and it's got leader boards, Steam offers us the best opportunity to hit a broad audience with that type of game." Piracy is another reason for the Steam DRM decision with Stewart saying that for previous Tomb Raider games. "I go on some BitTorrent sites and within the first 48 hours there's like four hundred thousand downloads, it's crazy."

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